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Eden Adventures is proud to welcome you to Uganda. We are eager to make your experience a memorable one, whether you’re here for safari, business or other purposes we would love to make your Journey unforgettable.

At Eden Adventures we aim to meet client’s specifications while on their travel within the pearl of Africa. We have experience in safari business operations in Tanzania and now we move to Uganda to explore the breath taking, colorful, picture perfect flora, fauna and the
diverse wildlife.

Eden Adventures is well known for its good and high quality adventurous and wildlife photos. From the vast cat families in the deepest of the African jungles to the graceful crested cranes and flamingos on Lake Nakuru, these images tell a lifetime of scenery, beauty and moments frozen in time to capture the different splendor and exquisit nature of Africa.

Moments like these captured, saved and printed out would with no doubt look lovely as wall hanging and portraits in your living rooms and office spaces and thats why we, at Eden Adventures take pride in wanting to beautify your living spaces.


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