By Peter Hogel


Having left the tarmac road from Kampala, the scenery as well as the comfort is changing—for the better—as we get closer to Bwindi in search of our longlost relatives: the mountain gorilla. At this point the true nature of the name “Bwindi Impenetrable Forest” starts to reveal itself.

Mountain peaks, steep slopes, deep valleys, and at first you might think “How are we going to find anything in there?”…But we will! On reaching our destination, Buhoma, the mist is like a veil around the tree tops. You can hear the sounds of the rain forest; birds chirping, monkeys chattering… As we tuck in for the night we can hardly wait for daybreak. After breakfast, and our lunch packed, we head to headquarters for briefing; the dos and don’ts— don’t get too close, don’t stare a gorilla in the eye, and seriously, you don’t want to pick a fight with 200kg of muscle, 10 times as strong as a man.

But gorillas are friendly, and you don’t have anything to fear. Finding the gorillas is easy; trackers start up in the morning so they know where to go when we get there. You could be lucky—sometimes the gorillas come down the mountain so you will have an easy walk for half an hour, or you could find yourself following them in their search for food for four hours…

But it is all worth it finding the gorillas in the thick of the rain forest, approaching them, finding yourself surrounded by a whole family and being among them while their babies play around you, possibly pulling your shirt. If that isn’t awesome, what is?

To get started on your gorilla tracking adventure, call +256 393 217048

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