By Peter Hogel

We head out of Kampala early to get ahead of the morning traffic, wise choice! By the time sun hits the sky we are ready to pull over for our Rolex breakfast, do a bit of stretching, and stock up on extra drinks and snacks. Queen Elizabeth National Park is a good 10-hour drive from Kampala, you know… Spirits are high as the scenery changes from city traffic to village life to wildlife.

It is not like we have got into the park yet and we have spotted our first elephant. As we slowly drive through the park to check in at the lodge, we pass buffaloes and kobs, more elephants. After a day on the road a cool shower feels perfect before dinner in the bush—this is life at its best! Next morning we head out to find the lions; tracking these with Uganda Carnivore Program using GPS and driving straight up to them, well, sort of.

It is an adventure of its own to get to where the lions are, even when you know where to look…But failure is not an option. We find our first lions, two males resting after last night’s hunt, while close by are leftovers that keep vultures busy. Then, on our way back, there she is, a leopard! A “short” drive from Queen Elizabeth to another part of the park lies the Ishasha sector. Here, we find tree climbing lions. Then a hyenas’ den… This is a park that just keeps on giving. Tomorrow, we will be back in QE for a boat cruise at Kazinga Channel… Stay tuned.

Want to venture out in Queen Elizabeth National Park? Call +256 393 217 048

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