After checking out of our accommodation facility at the River Lodge, a beautiful eco-camp on the southern border of the of Queen Elizabeth National Park, we opted for some bush camping for the next night to experience the thrill and wild of Uganda. We all had our camping gear i.e. tents, sleeping bags, delicious bites to munch on & drinks to quench our thirsts well packed in our bags after which we set off for a full day safari adventure at Shahs.


Our first stop was at the Hyena den and lucky for us we were entertained by a clan of hyenas hovering around a fresh kill for breakfast surrounded by young puppies that looked a few weeks old, tiny and adorable standing next to their mothers as they suckle milk. It was pleasant watching them, we wished to have spent much more time admiring them but we needed to proceed further.

The sight of three healthy looking lions lazing up on a tree made us stop and stare in awe. We were thrilled by the sight of their brownish/goldish furry coat and their gentleness as they relaxed on the tree.  It was quite obvious they had a long night, probably trekked for hours in the wild looking for their prey. They provided a perfect opportunity for us to take several photos which we would later show off to our family and friends.


As we proceeded further ahead to the track that leads via the river towards the plain, we were almost compelled to stop and admire the hippos which were playfully waggling in mud & floating lazily in water, we moved a bit closer to catch a clearer view and take even more memorable photographs. A nice view of Congo providing the background on the other side of the river was another very interesting sight ……

We proceeded to the campsite where we had help pitching up our tents and setting up our sleeping gear for the night, we sat by the bonfire to keep warm with a well deserved drink in our hands and a pleasant aroma of dinner cooking  that aroused our grumbling tummies.

After dinner, we sat around the camp fire glazing at a thousand stars in the sky as we listened to the sounds of hippos grunting and hyenas laughing through out the night. We cracked a few more jokes and told a few more stories till we decided to retire to our tents for the night. Halfway through our sleep we could hear the hippos munching on grass just outside the tents, there was no reason to panic though as they were quite far from us and the campsite was well secured.

We  woke up to a bright sunny morning, the aroma of delicious coffee brewing and an enticing breakfast cooked in the open as we sat down and watched waiting to dig in and eat.

Breakfast in the open wild savannah of Uganda, with the bright sun up in the sky, sounds of the four legged residents of this great wilderness at the distance is the best way to do your bush camping.


Let Eden Adventures take you through a unique bush camping Adventure.



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