By Pascqa Lorna Abur

Rhythmic sounds of the African drums coupled with vigorous dances from young energetic men and women is the unique form of welcome that ushers guests to the Entanda traditional hunting and cultural experience center in Mityana.

Guests are encouraged to join the dancers as they sing in their silvery high pitched voices and wriggle their waists to the Kiganda cultural songs and dances on the dance floor……

A variety of exotic fruits ranging from sweet bananas as yellow as the sun, Juicy watermelons, delicious pineapples and so much more is served to the guests to help quench their thirst and still their peckish feelings.

There are a number of exciting activities to indulge in for the men, the women and others for both the men and women these range from practical traditional cooking lessons, Traditional hunting, fresh honey tasting, forest walks, informative & educative sex talks, bark cloth making, bicycle rides in the plantations and so much more to look forward to…..

This is all usually summed up by a friendly football match between the guests and the locals. The winning team always walks away with a goat that can be later roasted or barbequed to celebrate their victory.

After a long day of fun and activities guests depart the center back to kampala with a better understanding of cultural traditions after their visit to Entanda center in Mityana.

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