Honey Moon – Ngamba Island

Day 1

Pickup in Kampala and head for the boat, leaving from Entebbe to the Chimpanzee sanctuary- Ngamba, After a short boat tour to the island you settle in, have lunch and a drink. Ngamba Island is all about taking it easy, in the afternoon you can watch the Chimpanzees play and eat fruits for dinner, watch the sun set and have a romantic dinner for two.

Day 2

You wake up, and if possible, depending on the chimps, you do a forest walk and come back in time to see the chimps have their breakfast, they are released into their part of the island and we can relax, watch the birds and large monitor lizard, listen to the stories about the chimpanzees and the work they do on the island in the evening we take a romantic boat tour with wine and cheese or snacks, see the sun set and come back in time for dinner.

Day 3

Breakfast, relax, take a tour to the nearby fishing village before heading back to Kampala in the afternoon.

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